Mildly Late Second Post

If you liked the yellow skirt I posted all the way back in August but weren’t sure about the colour, well how do you like red?


They are full circle skirts in 100% cotton with a polycotton lining.  A hidden zip and 4 white buttons fasten at the side.



I have two of these skirts to sell. Both are for a 70cm waist (just over 27 and half inches). I’m 5 foot 3 so I find it a bit long for my liking, but perfect for someone a bit taller or if you like your skirts longer. If you’d like a skirt but would like it shorter I am happy to take it up for a little extra money. I’ll be selling these for £25 plus £3.70 for P&P.

If you need any help thinking of styling options I think either of these two tops would go perfectly

boohoo crop

White crop –

Heart crop – Black Milk Clothing. This has not been released yet but will be on sale from 13th Feb 11pm GMT for a limited period of time (I forget). It’s the same make as the crop I wore in the photos :)

If you want to leave me any feedback or even better buy one then just drop me a comment. The third post won’t take nearly so long again! I hope!



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