Prepare yourselves, these photos are in focus, oh yes.

I’ve thought about making clothing adjustable by ribbons for ages so I’m not sure why it took me quite so long to do so. Either way I have now done it. And I have to say I’m actually quite pleased with it!


So the idea is if a body part, say waist, is smaller than average then you just pull on the ribbons more at the bottom and keep them looser higher up. Practical, and cute, what more could you ask for?! But seriously, ask for it.

 I thought such a pretty little crop needs a matching skirt to go with it so here you go! The skirt is full circle which tends to be my default skirt of choice when creating, in fact I can’t really think of any skirts I own that I haven’t made. They’re all the same shape. Perhaps I need to branch out in my style but I just love the flowiness. If that wasn’t a word before, well, it is now.


Here’s the back, just to make a nice trilogy of photos.

This fabric isn’t available again until next year so I have a limited amount I can make in this pattern and colour. Therefore these are made to order. And of course I am offering them in Petite, Regular and Tall. I’ve currently got sizes 8-14 available, if you fit outside those then let me know you’d like to order and I can make the correct size for you. It is now available to buy from my nice new website www.be-stitched.co.uk and here have a 20% discount code: OPENFORBUSINESS

What colours/patterns would you like to see next? I do have some plain red, yellow, blue and white sitting next to me. But that’s not enough, it never is!



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