Hello there

So many times I’ve started blogs and so many times I’ve given up within a week or so. Clearly I’m cut out for this blogging lark…

Anyway, the plan is I will be posting

  1. clothes I’ve made
  2. clothes I’ll be selling
  3. clothes I like
  4. whatever else I feel should be put out into the world eg. my dog’s faces

How about a little bit of an overview of what I make? Clothes, obviously. I want to make clothing to fit a greater range of people, not just the standard shapes that the high street caters for. My first product is a skirt, there will only be 2-3 cm (haven’t decided yet) difference between each sizes so you know you can get a skirt that fits your waist near perfectly. It bugs me SO MUCH when I’m inbetween sizes so bam! I’m solving that problem!

I took this yesterday after finishing the skirt, pretty quickly you might be able to tell… As soon as I get a decent photo this one is coming down! The shame.

So there is the general idea, here’s hoping there is a second post!